Study in Canada vs USA

Study in Canada vs USA: Which One Should You Choose?

The USA and Canada are on the top list of countries for studying abroad. Both countries offer excellent opportunities for higher education.

No doubt about it!

But when it comes to decision-making for international students, they have to pick one.

Canada vs USA: Which One Should You Choose?

Though Top US universities make up almost 29% of the top 100 positions in the ranking, a lion’s share of international students choose Canada over the USA for study. The equality and openness of the Canadian government towards foreign students make it the ultimate destination for studying abroad.


We will go into the details.

Study in Canada vs USA

The USA was heaven for international students once.

But it has changed over time- Canada has soared to the top.

Here is why:

The focus of higher education in the USA is on specialization in science and research. On the other hand, Canada’s focus is often on a well-rounded education which makes room to study in all disciplines for international students. Here is a head-to-head comparison so that students can make the decision about which country suits them best for them.

University in the top 100 rank56 universities6 Universities
Average tuition fee(graduate degree)20,000 – 45,000 Per year10,000 – 35,000 per year
Allowed Part-Time Working Hours20 hours/week20 hours/week
Visa Processing Handling by the embassy for study permitMore complex & time-consumingRelatively straightforward
HealthcareHealth insurance/Private healthcareUniversal healthcare/school insurance plan
Focus sectorScience/research Healthcare Software/Technology Cloud computing LawIT consultant Healthcare Gasoline & Petroleum Banker

Advantages of studying in Canada over the USA

Tuition fees are 27% more economical than tuition fees at US universities

On average, Canada is the most affordable option when it comes to the tuition fee of universities. Here is a snapshot of the average tuition fee chart.

ProgramTuition Fees in Canada per year (in CAD)Tuition Fees in the US per year (in USD)
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree15,000- 65,00025,000 – 80,000
Graduate Degree10,000 – 35,00020,000 – 45,000
Doctorate Programs6,000 – 16,00028,000- 55,000
Community Colleges10,000-15,00016000 – 18000

The visa processing system of Canada is more student-friendly

Without any doubt!!!

The Canadian government and immigration authorities also make the process simplified to get a study permit as smooth as possible. The application forms are more straightforward than the USA, and the documentation requirements are clear.

In fact, in some countries, you might need to wait an entire year just to get an appointment for a student visa! Whereas, the result for a Canada visa is way faster.

Finding a part-time job is easy

The US indeed has a strong job market. But job opportunities are also more competitive, particularly for international students.

Compared to that perspective, Canada is more relaxed and the minimum wage is also more than in the USA in most of the provinces.

Well assurance of student safety

The U.S. News 2021 Best Countries Report gave Canada a score of 96.7 out of 100 for safety

When a country has overall safety, it also makes an impact on student life. The well-established security departments of Canada give international students a sense of safety to stay to study.

After graduation migration is smooth in Canada

The Canadian govt is more tolerant of international students. This is one of the main reasons why students choose Canada over the USA.

Canada introduces a distinct program PGWP (The Post-Graduation Work Permit) to help students to get along with the country after finishing their studies.

Study in Canada vs USA: Country comparison FAQ

Should I choose Canada or USA for master’s?

If you want to pursue a master’s from a top-ranking university, you should choose the USA. But for affordable education, Canada is always the best option.

Is a Canadian degree valid in the USA?

Yes, the USA and other Commonwealth countries consider Canadian degrees as equivalent to their degree.

Can I work in USA with Canada PR?

Usually, TD visa holders are not allowed to work in the USA. So, in order to work in the USA, Canadian PR holders have to get a job offer letter in the USA from the employee.

The Takeaway: US or Canada, which is better for education?

Considering all these factors mentioned above, we can say Canada is rolling out the red carpet to foreign students. 

And the result?

807,750 international students were holding valid study permits which is another record-breaking high at the end of 2022. Affordable education with a top-notch education and the government’s welcoming approach makes Canada the top study destination.

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