Sweden Visa from Bangladesh: Documents, Consultant & Fees

Sweden, A Dream Destination!

The Scandinavian lifestyle has a unique charm!

Not just stunning nature, boasting a millennial history, Sweden is one of the oldest countries in the world. 

Yes, oldest- we mean it.

Founded in 970 AD, this amazing country has a thousand years of rich history as a sovereign nation. With over 450,000 square kilometers of land, Sweden is the third largest country in Europe. To put into perspective, the country is 3x larger than Bangladesh.

If you are a citizen of Bangladesh looking to explore this endless beauty, obtaining a visitor visa is your first step. And this article is all about getting Sweden Visa from Bangladesh.

Why Sweden? Is Sweden a good tourist destination?

Breathtaking natural beauty with lush green forests, crystal-clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, thousands of enchanting islands, and magnificent Northern Lights displays- you will find the world’s purest air in this Nordic country. 

That’s why millions of tourists flock to Sweden every year.

Home to world-famous companies like Ikea and Volvo, yet, forests cover ⅔ of the country’s geographical area, Sweden is roughly the same size as the United Kingdom.

Sweden joined in EU in 1995 and became part of the Schengen Area 6 years later. 

The largest city in the Nordic countries, Stockholm, serves as Sweden’s capital. Other notable Swedish cities include Copenhagen, Gothenburg, and Malmo.

 Unspoiled nature & endless tranquility- What else can you ask from a nation?

A perfect place to get lost in peace!

Type of Sweden Visas You Can Apply for From Bangladesh

You can mainly apply for 2 types of visas from the Sweden embassy in Bangladesh. The validity and stay period depend on the type of visa.

  1. Short-term Schengen (C) visa: You can stay up to 90 days in any 180 days in Schengen member states
  2. Long stay visa (D) visas: You can stay beyond 90 days depending on the requirement and purpose

The short-term Schengen visa (C) can be both single entry and multiple entries. You may get the visa approved under the following subcategories/purposes:

  • Business visits (For conferences/business meetings or negotiating a contract)
  • Cultural visit (For cultural programs)
  • Medical treatment purposes (If you have medical issues and want to get treatment from a hospital in Sweden)
  • Official Visit  
  • Sports /Competition
  • Tourism (Sweden Tourist visa)
  • Visiting Family or Friends (If you have friends and family in the country and would visit them)
  • Other purposes

Sweden Tourist Visa from Bangladesh

Sweden is one of the 27 Schengen countries, meaning you can visit the country with any Schengen visa. 

For Bangladeshi nationals, the Sweden embassy in Dhaka issues Schengen short-stay visas with up to 3 months’ validity if Sweden is your first entry point or you plan to spend most of your days in Sweden.

Let’s talk about visa processing now.

VFS Global is the visa processing partner of the Sweden Embassy in Dhaka. They receive documents and biometrics from you and forward them to the consulate for decision.

So, if you want to apply for a Sweden Schengen visa, you can gather your documents and directly go to VFS Sweden to submit the documents and biometrics. You don’t need a prior appointment and submission time from 9 am to 3 pm.

Documents Requirement for Sweden Visa From Bangladesh

The Embassy of Sweden in Dhaka has a specific set of documents and requirements based on your circumstances and the type of visa you apply. Let’s see what documents are required for Sweden visa?

Standard Documents to Apply For Sweden Schengen Visa:

  • Valid passport with at least three months validity after the planned trip
  • All previous passports
  • Correctly filled out the Sweden visa application form 
  • Medical travel insurance that covers at least 30,000 Euro (Original and 1 photocopy)
  • Bank statement with the balance to support yourself and return home (Sweden has a minimum requirement of 450 SEK per day, equivalent to approx. 40 Euro)
  • Fixed deposit receipt (FDR)
  • Sanchaypatro Copy
  • Investment details/ Immovable properties
  • Credit card statement
  • Documents that your intent to leave Sweden and Schengen area after the trip
  • 01 Copy Sweden visa photo (Must be recent, color, and 35*45 mm in size)
  • Airline booking itinerary (Must include PNR/Reservation number)
  • Hotel booking/ confirmed detail of your stay in the Schengen area
  • If you plan to travel to a third country after the Schengen area, you must attach the entry permit of that country
  • Civil documents (Marriage certificate/Baby birth certificate etc)

Extra Documents If You Are Employed:

  • Letter from your present employer/NOC (Must include Address, Phone number, Fax number, and other contact details)
  • Employment certificate (Including name, position, duties, salaries, and years of service in the company)
  • Pay slips (Last 6 months)

Extra Documents If You Are Business Owner:

  • Business trade license
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Other business documents
  • Income tax Acknowledgment (last 3 years)
  • Income tax certificate (last 3 years)
  • Income tax assessment copy (Last 1 year)
  • Company bank statement for business owners (Last 6 months)

Sweden visits visas to meet friends and family.

  • Explanation letter with the purpose of your trip
  • Invitation letter from your friends and family in a specified format

Business/Conference Visit to Sweden

  • Describe the purpose of your trip on the cover letter
  • Invitation letter from the company or the conference host
  • Proof of conference ticket payment
  • Entry ticket for the event you attend
  • Information regarding your background and you need to attend this conference/ business meeting
  • Sponsorship letter with the financial details if the event is sponsored
  • Invitation letter with details in case of business meeting
  • Proof of your recent business contracts

Extra documents for a tourist visa

  • Your day-to-day travel itinerary
  • Your travel booking with companies in the Schengen member states

Short-term Sweden visa for Medical treatments

  • Letter from the hospital mentioning the details of why treatment of this particular person is important in the institution
  • Information regarding the estimated stay for the treatment
  • Proof of financial means for the treatment

Extra documents for minors

  • A consent signed by both parents if they are not traveling with the minor
  • Photocopy of the passport of the guardians
  • Proof of finances of legal guardian
  • Original birth certificate of the minor
  • If traveling with one parent, consent from another or a custodianship document from the court

Extra Documents For Students

  • Proof of studentship in an educational institution in Bangladesh
  • Certificate of leave of absence during your Schengen travel (the certificate must include full address, phone number, permission details, and designation of the person granting the permission)
  • If this is a school trip, details of the travel

Once you have submitted all required documents, the Embassy may request additional information depending on individual cases. If you are short of any particular document, you need to give the embassy an explanation letter why you are unable to provide the.

Sweden Visa Decision from Bangladesh

How long does a Sweden visa decision take in Bangladesh? 

Well, it depends on the time you apply, how busy the consulate is, and your circumstances. If your visa application is not straightforward or verifying your documents take extra time, your visa decision will be delayed accordingly.

Most applicants get the decision in 2 weeks on average.

VFS Global receives your documents and sends them to the consulate for a final decision. If your visa application has been successful, your passport will have an affixed visa sticker. The sticker is self-explanatory with your entry and exit date, the number of entries, and how long you can stay within the Schengen member states.

If your visa application is unsuccessful, you can only appeal the decision to the Migration Court in Sweden. The details of your refusal and appeal procedure will be written on the refusal letter attached to your passport.

You can collect the passport or send someone with authorization to collect it on your behalf.

Sweden Visa Consultant/Agency in Bangladesh

Don’t wanna take the risk of visa refusal?

You’re smart.

An experienced visa consultant/agency like Visa Processing Center can make your Sweden visa application process smooth and increase your chance of visa approval.

Working in this field for the last couple of years, we know how the application should approach, and the type of documents you should submit. Our team also helps you explain your financial situation and reasons for returning to Bangladesh.

Don’t worry- we’ll walk you through the whole process.

We also make sure your entire application is done right according to the Schengen visa code so that your chance of approval is higher. We have:

  • Fair pricing and government-compliant services.
  • Support you need for important documents
  • A hard-working team works 24/7 to make your journey hassle-free and easy!

So let us help make your journey easier!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to apply for a Sweden visa from Bangladesh?

To apply for a Sweden visa from Bangladesh, you must gather the required documents, and submit them to VFS Global officer. Upon receiving the documents and biometrics, they forward the application to Sweden embassy for a visa decision.

How long does a Sweden visa decision take?

It takes approximately 2 weeks from the submission date to get your Sweden visa from Bangladesh. However, if your visa application has an issue or fails to meet the criteria, it might take longer. It takes up to 6 weeks for the embassy to inform you of a decision.

Can I have a sponsor to get a Sweden visa from Bangladesh?


You can show your sponsor to get your Sweden Schengen visa from Bangladesh.

If you’re a student, unemployed, or retired and doesn’t have enough fund in your bank to cover the expenses, you can show a sponsor. But yes, the sponsor needs to declare why they want to sponsor you, along with your relationship proof.

This sponsor needs to be either an applicant’s family member or a host institution that will provide support during your stay in Sweden.

The sponsor must also meet the financial requirements for a Schengen visa.