Visa Processing Center Services: What Do We Offer & How Much We Charge?

Range of services to get you visa Success

We are a specialized online visa agency that provides automated e-visa approvals and visa consultancy services for the following countries: The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Schengen Countries.

We are not just limited to these! If you have a custom service request, we can go beyond our service manual just for you!

1. Visa Processing Service

‘Visa Processing Center’ provides customized and straightforward visa procesing service for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Schengen countries. We have up-to-date information, knowledge, expertise, and resources to help you.

We make it easy to plan stress-free vacations or business trips so you can focus on what matters: having an amazing experience overseas!

  • We identify the optimal strategy for your visa application, so you have the best chance of approval
  • Provide professional advice on which documents are required and how you should present them
  • Provide travel planning and itinerary preparation based on your circumstances
  • Book air tickets and hotels according to the travel plan
  • Advise you on the financial documents that show your strong economic ties
  • Fill out all the forms correctly and ensure they represent you well
  • Review your documents carefully, ensuring accuracy and providing additional helpful notes where necessary
  • Keep track of any changes or updates in legislation or policy which might affect your application, to ensure all bases are covered when filing your application
  • Offer advice on communication with authorities if delays occur

Our visa processing service charge depends on your case complexity and the level of support required from our side. We have 2 packages for visa processing: Regular and Premium Package. For details – please consult with our visa processing consultants directly.

2. Eligibility Assessment & Visa Counselling Service

It’s always better to be well-informed and prepared before you apply. Remember, rejection can make your future applications more complex. This is the ideal service if you want to apply for a visa but are unsure whether you are eligible or how you should prepare the visa documentation.

  • A comprehensive solution to help you identify the most suitable visa category for the highest success rate based on your profile
  • Provides clear guidance on which documents to prepare and present, how much money to show, and how to write a cover letter
  • Review your bank documents and help you explain the financial situation to demonstrate that you have enough money in your bank account to cover accommodation and other expenses. If we find the bank statement messy or questionable, we provide further guidelines for preparing the financial documents.
  • Provide detailed feedback on each aspect of your application and offer insights into what may be causing delays or rejections.
  • Instructions on how to present your previous visa/immigration refusal history, if any.
  • Offers advice on representing your assets and properties to demonstrate your economic ties

We provide this service after an online interview and checking all the documents. We then arrange another video call to explain our findings and provide detailed guidelines on fixing them.

We also answer all your queries regarding your visa application for any particular country. Our service delivery ends with showing you our assessment findings.

This service is only for the pre-application and preparation stages. If you wish to proceed with an application, you can purchase our visa processing service next.

The cost of this service depends on your case complexity. For physical appointments – we charge 50% extra.

3. Visa Document Review Service

You are about to apply for a visa and need an expert to check the application and documents?

Our visa document review service is the perfect solution! We will provide an expert, one-off check of your entire application package – ensuring that all documents are acceptable, compliant with the visa regulations, properly formatted, and represent you well.

  • You can be confident in presenting flawless applications and documents to maximize your chances of success!
  • Whether it’s a simple check to confirm a few details or an extensive review of the entire file, our experts will ensure everything is in order before submission.
  • We also provide feedback on errors or omissions that may need to be corrected or updated.

No document preparation service is included; however, we can help you when needed at an extra service charge.

Service can be provided both online and in person. The physical appointment requires a 50% extra service charge. Please consult with our consultant for a final price.

4. Refusal Analysis, Appeal, or Re-Application Consultancy

Do you have a recent visa refusal and are unsure what to do next?

We know how frustrating this can be after getting a refusal letter after days of preparation and weeks after submission.

Do you think the reasons for the refusal are unjustified and looking to appeal? Want to identify the reasons for the refusal and prepare yourself for the re-application with an explanation?

Most applicants are clueless at this stage, but we know what to do.

  • We will analyze the refusal letters and help you decide your next action.
  • We will help you fix your documents, and explain the concerns raised by the visa officer.
  • If you wish to appeal (if there is an option and we think you should), we will connect you with licensed solicitors and legal practitioners. Please note that legal fees must be paid directly to the lawyers and are not included in our service.
  • If you would like to proceed with a re-application with our suggestion, we will help you with document preparation and guidance.

This is a counseling service; re-application or appeal service is not included. If you wish to re-apply, you can purchase our visa processing service next.

Online Appointment: 8,000 BDT, In-Person Appointment: 12,000 BDT

5. Bank and Documents Maintenance Consultancy

A lot of visas are refused for improper maintenance of the visa documents. We can guide you in maintaining the bank documents for your future applications.

This includes guidance on preparing and submitting your tax documents, maintaining bank statements, and other professional details. We will analyze your existing documents and give you a written guideline on how to maintain them next.

We provide this service and consultancy as one of, or on 6 months of supervision after initial guidelines. The charge depends on your case complexity and the level of support required.

6. Document Preparation and Legalization Service

Do you need help preparing documents for your next visa application?

We have been doing this every day for our respected clients. We can help you with all sorts of affidavit of support preparation, asset declaration documents preparation, translation of your non-English documents, notarizing them, and preparation of your asset valuations.

We can also verify and attest your documents from various ministries and departments.

Service charge depends on the service and document type.

Other services

We have some additional services. Feel free to contact us for details.

Early Visa Appointment Schedule

Do you need an early visa appointment schedule? Our team of experts can help you get one.

Visa Interview Preparation

Don’t attend a visa interview unprepared. It’s always be prepared upfront than getting an unwanted surprise.

Authenticity Verification

Got a document from someone else with promises and want us to check the authenticity? We can do that for you.