Denmark Visa From Bangladesh: Documents, Fees & Consultants

Discover Danish Travel Treasures!

Tell us if this is you……….

Scandinavia is calling but not sure which first destination should pick. So, we guessed it, right?

Well, we will say- keep Denmark on the top of your list!

Here is why:

Denmark might be a small European country with an area of 42,933 square kilometers, but it has hundreds of secret travel treasures to discover. Near the North and Baltic sea, Denmark became part of the European Union in 1973 and joined the Schengen agreement in 2001.

As part of the Schengen, you can visit this country if you have a visa from any of the Schengen countries. At the same time – if you have a Denmark visa, you can visit other Schengen countries with the same visa.

If you want to visit this country – you can directly apply for a Denmark Visa from Bangladesh.

Wondering How Can I Get Denmark Visa From Bangladesh?

We will guide you through the whole journey.

How To Get Denmark Visa From Bangladesh?

The Royal Danish Embassy in Dhaka issues visas to Bangladeshi citizens to visit Denmark and other Schengen states. 

And here is the deal…..

If your main destination or first port of entry is Denmark, you can apply for a short-stay Schengen visa (c) via Denmark Visa Application Center in Dhaka, operated by VFS Global.

VFS provides document collection and other administrative services to the embassy as an external service provider. You can both apply for short-stay (c) visas and long stays (d) visas at the same application center.

Let’s talk about the time of stay on those two visas.

With a short-stay visa, your validity and stay permission will depend on the number of days you asked for. The maximum number of days you can stay within Schengen member areas is 90 days out of any 180 days. You will also need to submit a day-to-day itinerary on what you will do during your stay.

Wait – there’s more.

If your planned activities are more than 90 days, you need to apply for a Long Stay (D) category visa, which comes with additional requirements. Now let’s jump into the procedure for applying for a short-stay Schengen visa from Denmark.

1. Apply Online and Pay Visa Fees

Similar to other Schengen countries like France and Switzerland, Denmark also has their seperate online visa application website:

Fact: Denmark doesn’t accept paper visa application forms like Sweden or Italy

From 1st July 2019, they have introduced an online platform where you can submit your personal details, travel plan, and professional and financial details.

Once you fill out the visa form, you can pay the visa fee online. You must print the cover letter and payment receipt and bring them along with your required documents to the VFS Global office.

Come to one of the main things- the visa fee!

The visa fee is 80 euros for adults, and 40 euros for children 6-12 years of age. Children below 6 get a visa fee waiver. In addition, there is a VFS Global administrative fees and passport courier fees if you opt for such a service.

2. Submit Application to VFS Denmark

Bangladeshi nationals applying for a Denmark visa can submit the application and other documents to the Denmark Visa Application Center from Sunday to Thursday, from 9 am to 2 pm. 

Once your application and documents are ready, you can directly go to the application center to submit them. 

What’s the catch? You don’t need any prior appointment.

While you can do all these formalities yourself, it’s always recommended to take professional help for processing your visa application. 

Remember, a piece of minor overlooked information or wrong documents can work against you and get your visa application refused. Anyhow if any Schengen member state refuses your visa application, your future application becomes more complex.

At the Visa Processing Center, we have been dealing with many visa refusals cases, where the applicant could have received a positive result if they had taken professional help in the first place.

Demark Visa Required Documents From Bangladesh

Here is the list of documents you should submit along with your visa applications based on the type of visa you are applying:

Documents Requirement for Tourism and Family Visits:

  • Signed and printed cover letter that you received from the ApplyVisa website.
  • Receipt for the visa fee payment(The fee must be paid online)
  • Completed and signed form VU2, which you can download from the Denmark Immigration
  • Letter of invitation from friends or family you plan to visit
  • Your current and valid passport. It must have at least two blank pages and the validity period is at least 3 months beyond your travel plan.
  • Copy of your previous passports. You must include the bio page and pages with valid stamps and visas from the Schengen area, The United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.
  • Cover letter explaining your reason for visiting Denmark including a details trip plan
  • If you are employed, you need to attach a letter from your employer. The letter should include a No Objection for your visit, including the details of your leave approval.
  • Employment certificate and other employment-related documents
  • Your personal bank statement for the last 6 months.
  • If you are a business owner, a company bank statement.
  • Business trade license and other business documents
  • Your financial documents like Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDR), Sanchaypatro, and other investment documents
  • Proof of property ownership (Title deeds)
  • Civil documents (Marriage certificate/ Baby birth certificate etc)
  • Schengen travel insurance. You should include the original and a copy. The travel insurance should be valid for your entire length of stay.
  • Proof of accommodation (Invitation letter with the details of your stay from the host, or hotel booking copy)
  • Flight booking itinerary. A confirmed air ticket is not mandatory.
  • Copy of train, boat or other tourist activities
  • A travel itinerary or travel plan day to day basis.
  • For the family visit, you must include proof of your relationship with the person you are visiting.
  • Copy of identity documents from the host. Passport, national ID, or driving license with details.

Additional Documents For Business Visa Application:

  • Completed and signed form VU1, which you can download from the Denmark Immigration website. Otherwise, a letter of invitation from the company you will be visiting in Denmark.
  • Cover letter from you where you explain the purpose of your visit
  • A letter from your employer/owner, stating the purpose of your business trip, if you are an employee visiting Denmark on company assignment.
  • A personalized invitation letter from the company in Demark that you will visit.
  • Proof of existing business relationship with the company. Like Contracts, Invoices, LC copies, or other communications
  • Proof of your business activities such as annual reports/ P/Statement, and export-import documents.
  • Proof of payment for exhibitions, trade fairs, etc. visit

Additional Documents For Medical Visa:

  • Cover letter from the applicant with the details of the trip. Including the medical issue treatment, treatment plan, financial details, and why you need to visit Denmark for the said treatment.
  • Health and travel insurance that is valid for the entire trip
  • An official document from the medical institution confirming the need for treatment
  • Appointment confirmation from a hospital or doctor with the patients details.
  • Details about the duration of the medical treatment and the estimated cost
  • Proof of financial means to pay for the treatment, related travel, and living expenses.

Checklist for political, scientific, cultural, sports, religious events, or other reasons:

  • Cover letter to the embassy explaining why you need to take this trip.
  • Invitation letter from the organizer that includes your personal data, the length of the invitation, the reason for the trip, and the activities you will be doing during the trip
  • Include the entry tickets or passes for events you will join
  • Enrolment or program documents that show the name of the host organization and the length of stay or other documents that indicate the purpose of the trip.
  • Sponsorship letter if any
  • Registration documents
  • Documents explaining your background and why you need to visit Denmark for this particular event.

In addition, If the applicant is a minor, a consent letter from parents/ guardian, photocopies of parents/guardian passport, and proof of economic means need to be submitted. If you miss any document during the submission, you will have 5 days to submit them to the VFS or Embassy directly. They will instruct you on the same day of submission.

The Royal Danish Embassy can call you for an interview if they think an interview is required.

3. Demark Visa Processing Time and Passport Collection

A short-term visit visa to the application is normally processed in 15 working days (well usually). However, the timeline depends on the embassy’s workload and the complexity of your application.

You will receive an email once your passport is ready for delivery. The passport can be collected from the same visa application center from Sunday to Thursday, from 3 pm to 4 pm.

You need the following documents to collect the passport:

  • Original VFS receipt
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • Letter of Authorization with the original applicant’s signature in case someone else collects the passport on your behalf
  • Photo ID with specific signature of the authorized person

Minor’s passports can be collected by the parents. For authorization, parents can give authorization to someone else for passport collection.

Denmark Visa Consultant in Bangladesh

Do you know that the Number of Schengen Visa Applications in Bangladesh Marked 160% Increase?

Yes, that’s right!

Even though countries like Denmark reopened their borders in 2021 after the pandemic, there are still a lot of restrictions and changes every week. If you are not an expert on it, dealing with these things alone is quite challenging honestly. And that’s why we recommend taking assistance from someone experienced like Visa Processing Center.

Visa is a sensitive issue (after all it’s Schengen!!!)- We know that very well. That’s why go with a customer-centric approach so that you get a successful outcome.

Let’s confess something here…..

We can’t guarantee that you will get the Denmark visa. But we can maximize your visa approval chance. And that’s what you are looking for, right?


Let’s team up to make your next trip to Denmark remarkable!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are considering using this service, you probably have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most common questions you might have.

What’s the address of the Denmark Embassy in Dhaka?

Embassy of Denmark in Dhaka:

Bays Edgewater, Plot No. NE (N) 12, North Avenue, 6th Floor, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh, Phone: +880 (2) 5566 8900

What’s the address of the Denmark Visa Application Center in Dhaka?

Denmark Visa Application Centre:

4th Floor, Plot #37, Road #45, 90 Gulshan North, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. Phone: (+88) 096 0677 7000 (landline and mobile number), and (+88) 096 6691 1386 (only mobile number). Email:

Is it easy to get a visa for Denmark?

Well, Applying for a Danish visa is a relatively simple and quick process in comparison to most other European countries. But yes, they still ask for a huge list of requirements to make sure that you are eligible to enter their country.

Can I Visit Greenland with a Denmark Schengen Visa?

Technically No. Greenland is not under the Schengen belt, so you don’t have automatic access to enter that country.

Can I Visit the Faroe Islands With a Denmark Schengen Visa?

Again No. And the reason is also the same. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are not part of Schengen, so you have to apply for a separate visa to enter those countries.