Canada Visa From Bangladesh: Requirements, Consultants & Fees

How To Get Canada Visa From Bangladesh?

35 million people visit Canada every year to see friends and family, join business meetings and conferences, or go sightseeing. 

Yes, that’s 35,000,000!!!!

Do you want to join this number? Well, if you have a legitimate reason for travel, sufficient finance, and prior travel history, you can take the opportunity to get the longest possible visitor visa issued for us.

We said ‘Longest possible,’ right?

Let us explain. 

Canada visa is one of the most attractive visa options for Bangladeshi nationals. We get a 10-year visa with multiple entries allowed. This one country’s visa enables us to travel to Canada and 21 other countries all these years.

Getting a Canada visa from Bangladesh is fairly straightforward, but it’s important to understand the eligibility requirements and the application process.

So, What is the Eligibility for a Canada Visa?

When applying for a Canadian visitor visa from Bangladesh, you must demonstrate that you meet certain eligibility criteria.

These criteria include:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Be in good health
  • Have no criminal or immigration-related convictions

There are some additional eligibility requirements as well. 

You need sufficient funds to support yourself and any family members coming with you and evidence/invitation letter if you are visiting a family member in Canada.

You also need to prove onward travel out of Canada at the end of your visit by your employment situation, financial details, and strong home ties.

What Can You Do on A Visitor Visa?

All visitors must understand what they can do before entering the country to ensure they comply with all regulations.

With a Canada tourist visa from Bangladesh, you can enter and stay in Canada, transit through the country, search for work, join a short-term course, and perform business activities.

Entering and Staying in Canada: A visitor visa allows an individual to enter Canada for up to 6 months. Applicants must provide proof of their financial resources and ties to their home countries that would indicate their intention to leave Canada at the end of the authorized period of stay.

This could include documents such as bank statements, return air tickets, or an invitation letter from someone living in the country.

Transiting Through Canada: With a visitor visa, you can also transit through Canada while traveling between two other countries.

Searching For Work: It is important to remember that a visitor visa does not allow individuals to work while staying in the country; however, you may be able to search for work opportunities actively. You can attend job interviews or seek out potential employers during their stay.

Joining Short-Term Course: You can also enroll in training courses or academic programs that last less than six months.

Performing Business Activities: You can also engage in certain business activities while visiting Canada, including attending meetings or conferences. However, an individual will need a valid work permit if these activities involve being employed by a Canadian company.

Please Note: While staying in Canada on a visitor visa, certain activities, such as taking paid employment or attending full-time school without authorization, are prohibited under Canadian law.

Steps for Canada Visa Application from Bangladesh

While applying for a Canadian visitor visa, there are several things to consider. These include:

  • Consulting an expert, since self application is always risky when you don’t have proper knowledge and prior experience.
  • Defining your legitimate purpose for a visit
  • Obtaining the necessary documents
  • Collecting financial documents from banks and other financial institutions
  • Having some prior travel history is always a plus

If you think you meet the criteria, you can proceed to apply for a Canada visa from Bangladesh.


We’ll demonstrate these step by step to give you a clear idea of the process. 

Step 1: Fill out the Visa Form Online

The first step in obtaining a Canadian visitor visa is to complete an online application form. 

This form requires basic personal information such as name, date of birth, address, family, contact information, and questions about current employment status, financial details, and travel history. 

Once this form is completed, applicants must pay the required fee by credit card online.

There are 2 portals to apply for a Canadian visa:

  1. The old GCKey portal is where you need to fill out the visa form in PDF.
  2. IRCC has a new portal where applications are processed faster.

The good news is…….. 

With the new IRCC portal, you don’t need to fill out complex PDF forms; instead, the information is asked with interactive form fields and questions.

However, you need to decide which portal you would like to apply to, as one portal is better than another based on your circumstances.

Step 2: Upload Necessary Documents For Canada Tourist Visa From Bangladesh

Document requirements vary based on your circumstances and the portal you apply. We have tried to give you a generic Canada tourist visa document checklist from Bangladesh. 

SLCategoryDocuments To Upload
01Application for Visitor Visa· Canada visa application form (IMM5257)
02Business Registration (Business owners)· Trade License
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Other Business Documents
· Business Bank Statements
· Business Tax documents
· Business Profit and Loss Statement
03Employment Documents· Appointment Letter/Employment Certificate
· No Objection Certificate (NOC)/ Approval of Leave
· Office ID Card/Business Card
· Payslips (Last 6 months)
04Travel History· Travel history summary
· Stamps of all your previous travels (Including old passports)
05Passport· Your valid passport (Information page)
· All pages with stamps
06Proof of Means of Financial Support· Personal bank statements for the past 6 months
· Fixed deposit receipts (FDR)/ Sanchaypatro
· Investment documents
· Payslips of the last 6 months
· Proof of assets or business
· Summary /Valuation of Assets
· Income tax acknowledgment copies (Last 3 years)
· Income tax certificate (Last 3 years)
· Income Tax Assessment copy (Last 1 year)
· Letter of support (If you have a sponsor, with the above financial documents of the sponsor)
07Digital photo· Digital color photo. Scanned from the printed photo is not accepted. The photo must show the head and shoulders with 60-65% face. 31 mm and 36mm in size, the photo should be at least 420 x 540 pixels.
08Purpose of Travel· Invitation letter from friends or family (If any)
· Relationship proof with the invitee
· Invitee bank statement/ rental /ownership details
· Invitee Bank Statement
· Flight Itinerary booking
· Hotel booking
· Your day-to-day travel plans
· Cover letter explaining why the trip is important for you.
· Proof of appointment, conference tickets, etc
· Business invitation if a business trip
09Family Information· Canada Family Information Form (IMM5645)
· Family civil documents (marriage certificate/baby birth certificate)
10Client Information· Any additional documents you think might support you. Eg: A sworn affidavit, asset details, etc.

All of these documents need to be submitted online. You must add legible scan copies. And each file should not be more than 4 MB. You can combine multiple files into one, and then compress the file to minimize the file size.

Step 3: Provide Biometrics in VFS Global

Providing visa biometrics is a mandatory step in the Canadian visa application process. It allows the Canadian government to confirm one’s identity while protecting citizens from potential fraud or abuse of the immigration system.

Once you submit your application, you will likely receive a Biometrics Request Letter within 3-72 hours. This document is issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and outlines the steps needed to provide biometrics.

Once the letter has been received, you must make an appointment with VFS Global Dhaka or Sylhet. VFS Global is the only authorized service provider by the Government of Canada in Bangladesh to process the biometrics data from the applicants.

VFS Global Dhaka offers convenient appointment times scheduling on their website or via phone. Applicants must bring their valid passport, copy of the passport, VFS appointment, and Biometrics Instructions Letter.

During the visit, applicants will have their fingerprints and photograph taken by a VFS Global staff and sent to IRCC.

Step 4: Waiting for Visa Decisions

So, you have attended your biometrics appointment in VFS Global. You may have been waiting for a few weeks and not hearing any follow-ups. 

You’re probably wondering……. 

‘How long does it take to get a response from biometrics? Is there something wrong, or have your submissions gone awry? 

Don’t worry.

We can assure you- this is quite normal. 

Your visa process starts once you provide biometrics. Processing time normally takes a while, somewhere between 4-12 weeks.

After the biometrics data is updated on the portal, your applications will be reviewed by Immigration officials. They will determine whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements for a Canada visitor visa.

If approved for a visa, Immigration officials will issue you a Passport Request (PPR) letter. You will receive a generic refusal letter on the visa portal if the application is unsuccessful.

Step 5: Passport Submission & Delivery

Submitting a passport to the Canada Visa Application Centre (VFS) is straightforward. Once you receive your passport request (PPR) from IRCC, you can visit the VFS Global office directly. They accept walk-in passport submissions.

You need the following documents: 

  • Original passport
  • Any old passports with travel history
  • Passport request (PPR) letter issued by IRCC
  • Documents you received from VFS Global during your biometrics appointment

 Try to arrive early on VFS Global to avoid long waiting times and ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork ready. 

During the submission of your passport, VFS Global staff will assist you. They will also give you a tentative date for your passport delivery. You can receive your passport from the same VFS office or get home delivery for an additional charge.

It takes approximately 7 to 14 working days from your passport submission to delivery.

Canada Visa Consultants in Bangladesh

Getting a Canada visa from Bangladesh is not overly complicated but requires following the above steps carefully.

You also need to understand any additional eligibility criteria applicable based on individual circumstances, such as the purpose of the visit, employment situation, and financial stability in your home country.

Additionally, seeking assistance from qualified visa processing agents in Bangladesh like RCICs, can help ensure that applications are properly prepared to maximize your chances of approval.

We have extensive experience processing Canada visitor visas from Bangladesh at Visa Processing Center. We have helped hundreds of clients, and we can help you too!

Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable Canada visa consultant in Bangladesh!

What if You Are Refused?

Suppose your application is refused due to ineligibility or lack of proper documentation.

In that case, you can re-apply after rectifying these issues or seek assistance from a professional Canada Visa Consultant in Bangladesh like us at the Visa Processing Center. You can also take guidance from any Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Over 50 RCICs in Bangladesh can help clients with immigration and visitor visas.

Consultants or RCICs can help you through the entire process, including preparing supporting documents and planning the approach of the application.

If you don’t want another refusal, contact us today so that we can discuss your next course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are considering using this service, you probably have many questions. Here are answers to some of the most common questions you might have.

How can I get a Canada visa from Bangladesh?

You must submit an online application and provide the required documents to get a Canada visa from Bangladesh. Once your application and biometrics are submitted, they will be reviewed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

After that, you will receive a Passport Request (PPR) to submit your passport to finalize the visa. Your passport can be submitted and received from VFS Global Dhaka after the visa stamping. 

How much is Canada visa fee in BD?

The cost of a Canadian visa from Bangladesh varies by the type of visa you are applying for. Visitor visas cost CAD 100, whereas student and work visas cost CAD 150. You may also be required to pay an additional biometrics processing fee of CAD 85.

Professional consultation for the application is recommended, which might cost you approx. 50,000 BDT to 1,00,000 BDT in addition to govt fees and documentation costs. RCICs charge somewhere between 1,50,000 BDT and 3,00,000 BDT per application.

How can I get a Canada visa immediately? 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a Canada visa immediately. 

Getting a Canada visa can take up to several months, depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the documents you submit. To streamline the process and potentially reduce waiting times, submit all required documents accurately and promptly.

It’s recommended to get professional help to avoid delays and refusal.

What is the Canada visa processing time from Bangladesh?

The processing time for a Canadian visa from Bangladesh varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Generally speaking, Visitor visas require around 4-12 weeks for processing, while student and work visas require up to two months.

Note that these times do not include the time needed to collect documents and submit your application.

IRCC has an official process time calculator on this page; you can check their latest timeline.

What’s the requirement for Canada tourist visa from Bangladesh?

To apply for a Canada tourist visa from Bangladesh, you must provide a valid passport, proof of financial support, employment, and professional details, the purpose of your trip, proof of home ties, etc. Additionally, you will need to meet Canada’s basic entry requirements, such as being in good health and having no criminal record.