What Can You Do On A Canada Visitor Visa

What Can You Do in Canada with Visitor Visa? (And What You Can’t)

The Canadian government has been trying to promote tourism heavily recently.

And why won’t they?

Domestic and international tourism combined directly contributes to 1% of Canada’s total GDP and supports at least 309,000 jobs in the country.

Now here is the deal…….. Yes, the Canadian government is encouraging tourism. But that doesn’t mean there are no restrictions. Unless you are not from a visa-exempt country, you need a visitor visa to enter Canada.

Plus……you do have some limitations.

Today we will talk about these things, What Can You Do in Canada with Visitor Visa? And what can’t as a visitor?

Let’s see What Can You Do in Canada with Visitor Visa……

Travel anywhere in Canada

Most people apply for visas for this purpose…. Traveling to a beautiful country.

And honestly speaking- we don’t blame them at all. Canada is the wanderlust for travelers. Raw nature will surely make anyone spellbound.

And with a visitor visa, you can explore each corner of the country (within 6 month period though).

Use Canada as a transit route

Another sought-out reason why people seek Canada visitor visas.

This is usually used by people when they take a route connecting 2 international flights at a Canadian airport. If you have a visitor visa to Canada, you can transit through any airport in Canada and head out to a third-country destination.

If you are traveling from Asia to North or South America, it’s tough to find a direct flight. So your option is limited to flying via the US and Canada. Since the US also has restrictions on third-country transit, you need a prior US visa to fly to your destination. So a Canada or US visa can come to your rescue.

As Attendees of seminars/conferences or research

As a country, Canada promotes research and career development. Each year they organize a big number of seminars and conferences in the country. With the visitor visa or eTA, you are allowed to attend any of such events or activities.

Take any short time course in Canada

Yes, you can take courses and study in any Canadian institution.

The main rule is the course has to finish within six months and it’s from any non-DLI school. In a nutshell, you can’t start any long schooling in Canada with a visitor visa. (There is a procedure though, which you need to follow to convert your visitor visa to Study permit in order to study in the country for more than 6 months.)

Attend any business meeting

As long as your business meeting directly goes under the labor law of Canada, you’re permitted to perform any business-related activities with the visitor visa. The govt actually encourages it as it can also be beneficial for the country’s economy. They count it as a business visitor.

You can’t just get paid by a Canadian employer for your work in Canada. That’s the only restriction.

Search for work

That’s true!

You can search for jobs and attend interviews with a visitor visa. A lot of people are choosing this path as finding a job is much easier in person than getting an offer letter from overseas. 

But keep in mind, no employee can give you a job with a visitor visa. You have to make this clear to your employee that you won’t join unless you get the work permit at hand.

Also can apply for a work permit if get an offer letter

Not only seeking a job if you manage to get a job with a visitor visa, but you can also apply for a work permit. But again, it has to go under a 6-month window.

But bear in mind that this is a temporary policy by the immigration service which will not be valid after 2025 unless the government makes it permanent.

All you need to land in the country on a visitor visa, find your employer, get a job confirmation with LMIA (where applicable) and apply to convert your visitor visa to a work visa.

Visit Additional Countries With Canada Visitor Visa

It’s surprising to many, but true. If you have a Canada visitor visa, you can travel to many additional countries visa-free. How many countries you can travel to depends on your nationality. For example, a Bangladeshi passport holder can travel to 16 countries visa-free if they have a valid Canada visitor visa.

So why do they allow visa-free access to their countries if you have a Canadian visa? It’s because the Canadian visa is so hard to get. You need to prove your home ties, travel history, professional background, and strong financial background. Most of these countries just trust on Canadian system as they don’t have as many resources as the Canadian government has

What you can’t Do in Canada with Visitor Visa?

Stay in Canada for more than 6 months

Yeah, you have plenty of freedom to do a lot of things with a visitor visa. But after six months you are bound to leave the country anyhow with a visitor visa. This is pretty strict.

Starting working in Canada

Seeking a job and even attending an interview is the last allowed activity with a visitor visa.

Here is why:

Joining a job means you enter the labor market system of Canada. And the law doesn’t allow you to work until you get a valid work permit. So, you can’t start working with a visitor visa.

Attend school or university in Canada

Studying at any school or university requires a long stay.

And with a visitor visa, it is not possible. To attend school, you need a valid study permit that mentions the time you’re allowed to stay. If you really want to study, you first need to get admission and then convert your visitor visa to study permit.

FAQ about the visitor visa in Canada

Can I convert a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada?

Yes, you can. First, you need to manage a job and then apply for a work permit within 6 months. 

According to the Canada Government declaration, Foreign nationals who are visiting Canada and receive a valid job offer can apply and get a work permit without leaving the country. This temporary public policy, which was first introduced during the Covid 19 pandemic, has been extended d by 2 years until February 28, 2025. The extension of this policy helps employers who are experiencing labor shortages. At the same time, this helps people with visitor visas to find an employer and make their Canadian dream come true.

What is the difference between a Canada tourist visa and a visitor visa?

They are the same visa.

What is a visitor visa called in Canada?

A visitor visa is actually a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that allows applying to stay in Canada for a specific period.

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