US Visa Documents Checklist

US Visitor Visa Documents Checklist (B1-B2 Tourist, Business & Family)

Most people think documents are the key to unlocking a US visa.

But truth be told……it’s not.

The crucial part is the DS160 form and the interview itself.

So, the document doesn’t matter? Of course, documents do matter. That’s because the DS160 form of the B1-B2 visa needs to be filled in with your personal details, that match your documents.

Also – when bringing documents with you at the interview, you feel more confident because in case the visa officers ask for proof, you can produce the right documentation for them.

US Visitor Visa Documents Checklist for your visa interview?

Well, these include your professional and financial documents, along with the documentation related to your purpose of the trip, your civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of your kids)

The consular officers are not interested in reviewing these documents during the interview. However, having these papers ready may be beneficial.

Let me show you the complete US Visitor Visa Documents Checklist.

When completing the DS160 application, you have to provide information based on your purpose of the visit and available documents with you.

The below-listed documents vary based on individual circumstances. These papers are the most common ones needed when fulfilling the DS160 application.

Mandatory Documents for b1/b2 visa documents checklist

1. Valid Passport

Your passport must remain valid for at least 6 months at the end of your intended stay in the US. Also, if you have an old passport, keep it ready for the visa officers to see. Since US visa officers doesn’t check any additional documents, they mostly rely on your past travel history.

2. Proof that You will Return to Your Home Country

The below papers will prove that you have ties in your home country. This evidence shows you will less likely to overstay in the US after the visit.

  • Documents that you own land in your home country. Proof of ownership of any real estate.
  • Relationships with family members who are living in your home country.
  • Professional documents, document from employers, or business registration
  • A letter from your company will be waiting for you on your return
  • Birth certificate of children
  • Birth certificate of your family member who requires your presence in the home country

3. Your Sponsorship Details During the Stay in the US (if you show sponsorship)

  • Affidavit of support/invitation letter from your sponsor. The letter must mention the details of the sponsorship and why they are sponsoring you. The citizen can be your family member or friend.
  • A letter from your family or friend mentioning you will stay with them in the US
  • Your bank statements. Make sure the cash is accessible in the US
  • Proof of your current income source

4. Letters Supporting Your Travel/ Visit Purpose

Include the below documents:

  • Proof of hotel arrangements
  • Written itinerary of car rentals
  • Event ticket
  • Invitation letter for a training program/ conferences

If your visit is for business purposes, your US entity must send you a letter describing your activities in the US. Also, the letter should include your responsibilities during the trip and other financial details.

5. Photograph

The included photograph can’t be more than 6 months old. Your face should be clear, and you can’t hide any part of your face. However, wearing religious clothing or attire is allowed. Make sure your photograph is captured following the specifications.

If you wear glasses, you need to wear off before you take the photo.

Now, let’s learn what supporting documents are necessary for the B1/B2 visa.

Supporting Documents for Tourism Purposes

  • Travel itinerary

Supporting Documents for Attending Family Event

  • Invitation letter from your relatives or family members
  • Invitation card
  • Accommodation details

Supporting Documents for Business Purpose Trip

  • US-based business associate’s information
  • Business care of the applicant
  • Invitation letter from the business organization

Supporting Documents for Medical Treatment In The US

Three types of documents are required if you are visiting the US for medical treatment

1. A statement from your local physician supporting

  • You need higher treatment based on the diagnostic report
  • Explaining the nature of your medical emergency

2. A statement from a US medical facility saying

3. Financial evidence that you can bear the treatment cost, including hospitalization, doctor’s fee, transportation, living expenses, and other medical costs.

Supporting Documents if a B1 Visa Holder (Children/Spouse) Requesting Accompany from B2 Visa Holder

  • Passport and visa copy of the B1 holder
  • Invitation from the B1 holder
  • Accommodation and expenses from the sponsor, whether from the organization/company or the B1 visa holder paying the expenses
  • Letter from B1 visa holder to consulate requesting the visa for spouse or children. The B1 visa holder can be your family member or organization/company.

Other Papers for US Visitor Visa

For private service holders

  • A letter of employment verification

For Government employees

  • NOC/ Government order

For self-employed or freelancers

  • Evidence of business ownership
  • Financial history

Generally, visa officers don’t care about the documents or papers during the interview. What they care about is how you answer the questions. Also, whether or not you are answering the questions appropriately. Your answers will help them decide to approve your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Eligibility Requirement for B1/B2 Visa?

As mentioned, the US visitor B1/B2 visa is for nonimmigrant applicants. Visa holders can engage in the below particular activities in the USA.

  • Visiting the country to enjoy the holiday
  • Traveling to different cities and countryside in the US
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Participating in an event organized by companies
  • Visiting the US for medical purposes
  • Joining sports or music events
  • Participating in a short-term course

Can I study with a US visitor visa?

No, you can’t. The United States has an ‘F’ or ‘M’ student visa. US visitor visa holders can join recreational study under the validity period. Or they can also change the visa status from B to F and study there.

How much bank balance is required for US tourist visa?

There is no definite amount but we recommend keeping at least $10000 in your account to be on the safe side, if you plan to visit on your own fund.

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