Netherlands Visa From Bangladesh: Documents, Fees & Consultants

Netherlands: The Country of Tulip

Think about this for a moment…..

Enjoying a hot cup of chocolate with a view of Millions of colorful tulips blooming in the springtime.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, More than 1 million visitors flock to Keukenhof (the world’s largest flower garden), Netherlands to experience this magical moment.

That’s not all……..

The country is renowned for its stunning landscapes, featuring rolling hills, brooding forests, and idyllic meadows covered in vibrant wildflowers.

For architecture buffs, there are plenty of sights to take in as well. Gothic churches, centuries-old castles, and grand cathedrals are dotted all over the countryside.

No matter where you go in the Netherlands, some kind of attraction or cultural experience awaits for you around every corner.

Why not add this amazing destination to your next trip plan?

But the first thing you need to ensure is the visa. That’s why we came up today with the whole process of applying for a Netherlands Visa from Bangladesh.

Why a Trip to Holland is so Much Fun?

Known as the world’s biggest exporter of tulips, the Netherlands (formerly known as Holand) is situated in Northwestern Europe. But it’s more than just natural beauty, This country is a proud founding member of some of the powerful groups and agreements like:

  • EU, 
  • Eurozone, 
  • G10, 
  • NATO, 
  • OECD, 
  • WTO, 

And the Schengen Area!

Since the Schengen members agree to open internal borders in 1995, people can visit this colorful city by applying for the Netherlands Schengen Visa, or visa from any other Schengen member states.

The Dutch cities themselves offer a rare combination of old-fashioned country vibe and modern sophistication.

Take Amsterdam, for example!

The capital city is known for its historic canals and elegant row houses while Rotterdam is renowned for its impressive skyline filled with towering skyscrapers. The capital Amsterdam is a melting pot of diverse nationalities (176 nationalities to be exact).

You’re bound to get surprised by its majestic vibe.

Into outdoor activities? Pack your backpack because the Dutch land offers tons of options including cycling through long snake-like trails, sailing down on calming canals, or exploring vibrant seaside towns on lavish yachts.

How Can I get Netherlands Visa from Bangladesh?

To visit the Netherlands, you have to apply for a short-stay visa or a Schengen visa. With a Schengen sticker, you are allowed to travel to any of the 26 Schengen States including the Netherlands. 

First, let us show you what you can do with that short time visa-

  • Take holiday
  • Business trip 
  • Or to visit family or friends

Yes, there is the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But, you cannot do this at the Netherlands embassy in Dhaka. Short-term Netherland visas of less than 3 months are issued by the Swedish embassy’s external service through Sweden Visa Application Center.

Here are some rules you need to know before applying for a Schengen Visa.

1) Explore Europe for commercial or tourist purposes can hold a Schengen visa for a maximum stay of 90 days within a period of six months (single entry or multiple entries). In case of multiple entries, the days of every stay will be added up. In these cases, the maximum stay of 90 days within six months may not be exceeded.

2) Applicants cannot change their travel destination after obtaining the visa. 

3) Bangladeshi citizens can obtain a common visa at the diplomatic missions. But the general rule is, If the main destination (according to travel purposes and duration of stay) is situated in one of the Schengen countries, he/she has to apply at the Embassy of that country.

Netherlands Visit Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Nationals

Bangladeshi visa applicants have to present the following general documents:

  1. Application form: The application form (please carefully fill out all headings, front and back, using capital letters. And sign the form with the date.
  2. Photographs: 2 recent color photographs (following the Schengen standard- full face, no dark glasses or head covering, white background only).
  3. Passport: A Valid passport(the validity of the passport has to exceed the end of the proposed trip by at least 3 months)
  4. Travel Health Insurance: A minimum of 30 Euro travel insurance to cover medical expenses.

Please note: All documents have to be accompanied by the original document and one photocopy.

Additional documents For business visa:

  • Invitation letter: Original invitation letter from a company in the Netherlands in Dutch or English language
  • Bank statements: Proof of sufficient foreign funds (bank statements for the past three months)
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company in Bangladesh and/or Memorandum and Articles of Association (if applicable)
  • Evidence of former and current transactions in Bangladesh and/or abroad (e.g. bills of lading, receipts, contracts)
  • Proof of personal living conditions marriage certificate, birth certificate of children (if applicable)
  • covering letter/introduction letter from the company or organization in Bangladesh explaining the necessity to travel even if the applicant is the owner of the company

For tourist visa:

  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of personal living conditions: marriage certificate, birth certificate of children (if applicable)
  • Hotel booking (if applicable) 

Additionally, if employed by a company here in Bangladesh :

  • Leave letter of the employer (with the physical address and telephone number) stating the duration of leave and the function/profession of the applicant in the company
  • Pay slips of the last three months
  • Statement of the bank account for the last three months 

For transit visa:

  • Valid visas for all other countries of destination after leaving the Schengen territory.
  • Confirmed reservation of flight
  • for transit, health insurance is not required

For medical treatment:

  • A medical certificate issued by a treating medical doctor in Bangladesh
  • Written confirmation of appointment with a hospital or medical doctor in the Netherlands and information regarding the estimated payment and duration of the treatment.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for payment of medical expenses (proof of advance payment)

For Minors:

  • Minors have to present written authorization from their parents or the guardian under whose custody they are.
  • If parent’s guardians are not present at the embassy, copies of their passports have to be submitted. If passports are not available an affidavit has to be presented.

Process for Applying A Short-Time Netherland Visa From Bangladesh

Here is the step by step process you need to apply for applying for a Netherlands visa from Bangladesh:

  • Step 1: Decide what type of visa you need.
  • Step 2: List out and collect all the visa requirements.
  • Step 3: Prepare the documents
  • Step 4: Submit Your Application to VFS
  • Step 5: Give your Biometric
  • Step 6: Collect your Passport & check if every information is correct

Netherlands Visa Processing Time and Fees

All Schengen visas (single-entry or multiple-entry) cost the same.

  • Visa fees (For Adults) – 80 Euros
  • Visa fees (Age Between 6-12 years old) – 40 Euros
  • Children between 0-6 years – No fee

You need to pay the fee to VFS Global in BDT currency and the conversion rate changes time to time.

Please note: The Schengen embassy or consulate in Bangladesh decides the duration of your visa even paying the same fee.

Come to the Processing Time. Usually, it takes 10 to 15 working days (Time may vary depending on the applicant’s profile).

Netherland Visa Consultant in Bangladesh

Still can’t figure out how to apply for a Netherlands tourist visa?

Well, we guess it’s your first time applying for a Schengen visa. First of all, you’re not alone. Preparing everything for any Schengen country as a newbie is quite difficult.

We get it!

That’s why Visa Processing Center comes to the scene to assist travel enthusiasts like you. With a dedicated team (who have experience dealing with hundreds of Schengen visa files), Visa Processing Center helps explorers and businessmen to make their Netherlands trip a breeze.

What makes us unique from the rest of the others?

Well, maybe our customer-centric approach by implementing advanced technology. Get all the embassy guidelines, application procedure, and A to Z Documents requirements and customers to apply for a Schengen visa in one place– a matter of just a click! 

Team up with us and give all stress is at our hands.

For you, it’s Time to plan your holidays & dream of roam around the city like a Dutch!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My education qualification is low, can I apply for visa?

For travel visas, there is no definite requirement for education qualification. Anyone with any educational qualification may apply.

Can you arrange an invitation for me? Will it be beneficial for me if I get an invitation?

First of all, the invitation is not mandatory and we cannot arrange it for you. The invitation is surely beneficial for an applicant if it has only been sent from family members or close friends. Most of cases, having a hotel booking is enough to prove your accommodation arrangement during your stay in that respective country.

Are the Embassy visa fee and service charge refundable?

No. Both are non-refundable.

How many countries need to visit before applying for this country?

There are no recommendations or requirements for visiting other countries to get a Schengen visa. However, having a prior history of visiting 3-5 countries increase the possibility of getting a Dutch visa.

How much bank balance do I need to show for applying for a Netherlands visa?

Again, there is no fixed amount for the bank statement. But we recommend you to keep 3-5 lac or equivalent so it proves that you are solvent to cover your tour cost and spending during the travel duration.

Can you give me the address of Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka?

Road 90, House 49, Gulshan II, Dhaka – 1212

What’s the address of Sweden Visa Application Centre in Dhaka?

VFS Global, Delta Life Tower, Plot 37, Road 90, Gulshan North, Gulshan-2, Dhaka – 1212

Helpline No: (+88) 09 606 777 333, (Sunday to Thursday 09:00 to 17:00) Email: