Australia Visa from Bangladesh: Agency, Documents & Cost

Traveling to Australia as a Bangladeshi citizen

From Gorgeous beaches to indigenous culture, the blues and whites of the Great Barrier Reef to incredible landmarks to Sydney Opera House- Australia has tons of epic things to get on everyone’s bucket list.

And the result?

The island reached the peak of receiving 95 million tourists a year before the covid. Yes, Australia ranked as the top travel destination in the world. 

Let us take a guess…….

The irresistible lure of island life is also calling you far from 7,171 km? (Yup, Bangladesh to Australia distance is 7k+ km)

We can’t blame you!

The charm of Australia can’t be ignored!

And we made a complete guide with the whole process of an Australia Visa from Bangladesh so that you can get to your favorite destination smoothly.

Let’s get this show on the road….

Australia Tourist Visa from Bangladesh

The first question is, are tourist visas for Australia open from Bangladesh?

Yes, the Australian tourist visa is open for Bangladeshis. 

You can now apply online with the required documents, provide biometrics at VFS Global and get your visa approved in 7-30 working days.

But here’s the rub:

You need a valid Australia Subclass 600 tourist visa on your Bangladeshi passport if you want to travel to Australia. This visa allows you to travel to the country for a holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational activities, and visit family and friends.

It is a temporary visa valid for three, six, twelve, or 36 months, depending on your circumstances and purpose.

It can be both single entry or multiple entries.

With a single entry visa, you can visit the country only once. And the multiple-entry visa allows you repeated visits without restrictions, and you can stay in Australia for three months on a single visit.

Get it?

The Australian government is actively processing tourist visas to cover up the local tourism industry damage after Covid 19. So, visa applications are processed faster, and the approval ratio is pretty high.

Permitted Activities in Australia with a visit visa

So what can you do in Australia with a visit visa? We have a list of essential activities which your subclass 600 visa may cover:

  • Come and explore its majestic landscape for vacations and holidays.
  • Visit friends and family.
  • Make a grand escape to the middle of the sea on an unforgettable cruise! (Australia is so famous for cruises, btw)
  • You can negotiate business contracts or attend trade fairs and conferences. You can visit Australian businesses as well for business purposes.
  • Study for a maximum of three months.

So how can you get a Tourist visa for Australia from Bangladesh?

We have a step-by-step guideline for you below:

Step 1: Sign Up for Immi Account & Submit Visa Form

The first step to applying for a visa is to create an ImmiAccount. The Australian Government has this interactive online service where you can apply for appropriate visas.

How to do that?

Well, you only need a valid email address to sign up for an Immi account. The updates regarding your applications will be sent to this email, so you should use the email you check regularly.

After signing up, you will get a subclass 60 tourist visa form to fill up.

The visa form is interactive and shows you fields based on your circumstances. The form asks for your personal information, travel history, financial capacity, the purpose of the visit, and health declarations!

There is no brainer!

While you can fill and submit the visa form in one go, you can also save and exit the form any time. You can later come back and complete it from your Immi account.

After filling out all the information, you will be allowed to review them. Then the system proceeds to the document submission section.

Please note: If you have a group of travelers, eg- family applicants, you must apply from the same Immi account. Once your Immi account is created, you can start the process.

Step 2: Prepare and Upload the Documents


Submitting an application for Australia visa from Bangladesh is similar to submitting any other type of visa; you must include your professional, financial, and family documents. Your document requirements are based on your circumstance. 

Before we suggest our generic checklist, please check the mandatory category of documents asked for by the Australian government. 

  1. Photograph
  2. Travel Document
  3. National Identity Document (other than Passport)
  4. Evidence of the applicant’s previous travel
  5. Family register and composition form
  6. Evidence of planned tourism activities in Australia
  7. Evidence of the financial status and funding for a visit
  8. Invitation Letter
  9. Evidence of current employment or self-employment
  10. Exceptional reasons for an extended stay in Australia as a Visitor (beyond 12 months)

Remember, You can only submit your documents that fall into these categories. Based on your circumstances, it can ask for more or fewer documents from you.

So, what are the documents that you can submit under these categories?

  • Current Valid Passport
  • Old Passport with Stamps
  • Digital Photo (3.5mm X 4.5mm)
  • Form 54 / Family Composition Form
  • Family member’s documents (Passport, Birth Certificate, NID, etc)
  • Cover letter for Australia
  • Day to Travel plan and travel booking
  • Invitation Letter from an Australian Registered Company/Organization
  • Forwarding Letter from your organization
  • Office ID Card/ Business Card
  • Trade License and other business documents (If you are a business owner)
  • Personal Bank Statements (Last 6 months)
  • FDR documents, Financial / Investment documents
  • Immovable Asset Valuations/ Purchase deeds
  • Personal ITR Acknowledgement Certificate and certified assessment copy (Last 2 years)
  • Company Bank Statements (For business owners)
  • Company ITR Certificate
  • Hotel Reservation for the entire stay
  • Airline Ticket Itinerary/ booking copy
  • Proof of students

Extra Documents for Family Visit 

  • Invitation Letter from Australian friends or family member
  • Relation proof with the Invitee
  • Resident proof of the invitee
  • Invitee’s Photo ID Card and Utility Copy
  • Invitee’s Bank Statements
  • Office ID Card/ Business card

After you decide which documents you submit, and complete collecting the documents, you need to scan them. The next step is to convert your documents to JPEG. Or PDF. You may combine multiple documents into one. 

Note: Each document must be less than 5 MB

After successfully uploading all your documents, submit and pay the visa fee. You will soon receive ‘IMMI Acknowledgement of Application Received’ and a letter of ‘Requirement to Provide Biometrics’

Step 3: Provide Biometrics with VFS Global

Providing biometrics is a mandatory process for an Australian visa from Bangladesh.

After you receive a biometric request letter with ‘Visa Lodgment Number (VLN)’, schedule an appointment with VFS Global.

Please bring the appointment letter, biometrics request letter, and your original passports on the day.

Oh, there is also a charge for it.

You must pay a biometrics fee of 3200+ BDT to VFS in cash. And may need to pay additional fees if you opt for Premium lounge or any other services from them.

What’s next?

A VFS staff will check all your documents, collect the payment receipt and ask you to proceed to the biometrics room. Your fingerprint scans and facial photographs will be captured and sent to Australian immigration accordingly.

You can expect to see the biometrics updated to your Immi account in a day, and your Australian visa processing officially starts from here.

Processing Time For Australia Visa From Bangladesh

Australian tourist visa processing time depends on the workload of the embassy, the documents submitted, and your circumstances.

That’s why it’s important to ensure the visa form is filled out correctly, submit documents that support your purpose, and prove your financial strength and strong home ties well.

As we said……

The processing times only start after you provide your biometrics to VFS Global. So, you shouldn’t delay the biometrics process if your travel plan is sooner.

You have a maximum of 14 days to submit your biometrics. If you don’t give biometrics within this time, your application might be refused.

So, how long does it take after the biometrics is updated on the system?

Well, again, it depends!

Some applications are processed faster, and some get delayed. Most of the time, it’s beyond your control how fast your visa will be decided.

From our experience, the decision time for the Australia tourist visa from Bangladesh takes somewhere between 7 days to 45 days. 

Once your application is finalized, you will get an email with visa grant details, or a refusal letter with reasons in case of unsuccessful applications.

Australia Visa Consultants in Bangladesh

While you can apply for your Australian visa yourself, the process can sometimes seem daunting and complex.

Don’t let the visa application process cause you anxiety!

Visa Processing Center knows how complex it can be and is here to take care of all the difficult parts for you. 

We don’t brag, but……

Our team will try to make your experience smooth, stress-free, and streamlined. We have helped hundreds of clients get their Australia visitor visas approved from Bangladesh, and we can also help you. Our visa processing is straightforward and streamlined.

What about the process?

It’s super simple.

Once you book an appointment with us for visa processing service, we generate a document checklist. After you submit the documents, we analyze, develop a strategy and prepare your application for maximum success.

Contact our hotline number or email us your query, and we will be happy to be at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

Do I need to attend any interviews for an Australia tourist visa?

Normally you do not need to attend an interview for an Australian visitor visa. But in some cases, you might get a phone call from the embassy if they have any questions regarding the plan and documents you submitted.

How much is the Australia visa fee for Bangladesh?

The Australia visa fee for Bangladeshi citizens is AUD150 (approximately BDT 10,340). This visa fee must be paid online at the time of application and is non-refundable. You need to pay a biometrics fee to VFS Dhaka, and a consultation fee to visa agencies. The amount depends on the agency.

Is an Australian tourist visa multiple entries?

The Australia tourist visa (Subclass 600) can be multiple entry or single entry, based on your purpose and circumstances.

Most visitor visas issued by the Australian government are normally for 12 months with multiple entries. However, this can be as short as 3 months with a single entry or as long as 36 months with multiple entries. It all depends on the purpose of your travel and your professional, and financial circumstances, and travel history.

How much bank balance is required for an Australian tourist visa?

There is no fixed bank balance amount for Australian immigrants to be eligible for a tourist visa (subclass 600); however, ideally, you should be able to afford the trip with your own money, or from a sponsor.

A trip to Australia costs approximately 2-3 Lakh BDT, so we recommend having at least twice the required funds in your bank account before applying for a visa. Also, make sure the fund source is legitimate and isn’t deposited in your bank account suddenly. The source of the fund also should support your other financial documents (eg: salary certificate/ income tax documents).