The Road to Get a Study Permit: How To Get Canada Student Visa?

Canada is the top destination for international students.

And it’s not surprising at all.

In fact, 31 Canadian institutions are counted among the best in the world, according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2023. World-class education with a culture of tolerance and diversity makes Canada heaven for a foreign student.

So, you’re also dreaming to be one of the luckiest students from a Canadian school?

The very first thing you should know is that you need a student permit to attend any Canadian school. And it’s not an easy journey. We made a comprehensive guide on how TO Get Canada Student Visa by touching all the stuff a student need to prepare from scratch. We’ll cover:

  • Is Canada student visa easy to get?
  • Canada study visa requirements
  • Does IELTS score affect visa?
  • Canada student visa processing time

How TO Get Canada Student Visa?

Canada student visa to work permit

Most international students come to Canada after their post-secondary education. For both bachelor’s and master’s, it is recommended to start the research and prepare yourself mentally 1 or 2 years prior.

Stage 1: Preparation for university application

Choose the program that matches you’re your previous background and interest: 

This is more than just a perusing study permit.

It is also the first step of your career path. So, choose the program wisely that syncs well with your previous academic background and interest.

Find the right university for the Program & make sure it’s DLI listed

After deciding on a course, search for all the schools that offer that course. Make a list and compare them with one another.

Do the research seriously and make a shortlist of the universities you want to apply to. Most importantly, the institute you choose is approved by a provincial or territorial government.

Why is DLI School so important?

This is because only graduates from DLI schools are allowed to apply for post-graduate work programs. If you want to convert your study permit to work or settle down in the country after finishing school, this will help you a lot.

Check the deadlines & required documents

Once you shortlisted the universities, check the deadline for your intended course. And also check what the documents to apply for that specific program are.

Schedule & Seat for the language proficiency test accordingly 

In most cases, English proficiency test (IELTS, TOFEL, etc) score is mandatory for university admission. And in some schools, they specifically mention the required score for admission. Take preparation accordingly and schedule the exam so that you have the result when applying.

Prepare the documents for the university and embassy

There are a lot of documents needed for applying for a student visa to Canada. Here is a list of what are the requirements for a student visa in Canada.

  • Proof of acceptance
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of financial support

Write the motivation letter 

A motivation letter plays a crucial role in university admission as it indicates your dedication to the program and how it relates to your previous academic and career backgrounds.

And do a lot of revision and proofreading to make them professional.

Stage 2: Apply to the University & get the acceptance letter from DLI School

If you have all the documents at hand, apply to the university. It is recommended to apply to a couple of universities. As most of the DLI schools have good rankings, students have to compete with all the international students from around the world.

Get the acceptance letter?


Now it’s time to face the embassy formalities.

Stage 3: Submit the application form for a student visa to the embassy

It is the last stage. If you want to enter another country for any reason, you need to take permission from the embassy. The student permit is also given by the Canadian embassy. 

So, how can I get a student visa for Canada from Bangladesh?

Step 1: Gather all the documents to apply

Prepare all the documents and notarize them if needed to submit along with the application. Here is a brief list of what you might need for the embassy:

  • A valid Passport
  • 2 recent passport-size photos
  • Acceptance letter from University
  • Proof of financial support (with the Minimum funds to support yourself as a student)
  • An attested issuance of your CAQ
  • Custodian declaration (for minors)

Step 2: Write the SOP

SOP or Statement of Purpose is the mandatory document for a student visa for Canada. So, write them carefully and start writing them early.

SOP or statement of purpose is the brief overview of your background, education, and work experience. Craft this SOP carefully by clearly stating the purpose of your visit or immigration and explaining why you chose Canada as your destination.

It is recommended to add all the details about your itinerary and your accommodation arrangements.

Step 3: Submit the application to the embassy 

Once you have all the papers and SOP at hand, apply to the embassy and wait for their positive feedback. After receiving the bio-metric, the embassy usually handles Student Direct Stream applications within 20 calendar days. But for countries that are not SDS eligible, the wait can be way longer depending on where you are applying from.

Step 4: Prepare yourself mentally for arrival in Canada

If everything goes as planned, you have to prepare to travel to Canada. Pack your bag for the new journey (& to survive the brutally cold winter in Canada).

Step 5: Attend the school

After arriving in the country, you can attend school to study and maintain your student status.  

FAQ about Canada Student visa from Bangladesh

How much does it cost to go to Canada in a student visa?

To get a student permit from DLI Institute, the applicant has to pay C$150 fee for the application.

Do I need IELTS for Canada student visa?

For university admission (both undergrad and post-grade), English language proficiency is a must.

What is the age limit for Canadian student visa?

No, there is no age limit for the Canadian student visa.

How long does Canada student visa take Bangladesh?

The embassy usually takes 3 to 6 month for processing student permit in Canada.

Who can sponsor me in Canada?

According to the Canadian citizenship and Refugee department, one can sponsor if he/she is

  • Dependent children
  • Conjugal Partner
  • Or Common law partner

Does gap year affect visa?

The study gap is ok but you need to explain why you took the gap and may have to show some additional evidence for it.

Tips for being accepted for a student permit in Canada

Start the research early

Finding the right program or university, preparing the papers, and managing the financial proof- need countless hours. So it is better to start researching before earlier.

Pay attention to details

Each detail matters! As you will need a lot of documents, each may have a different format or attestation requirement for both universities as well as the embassy. Be mindful while handling this.

Write a great motivation letter & SOP to increase the passivity of acceptance

Having a personalized motivation letter and SOP can make a huge change. So, try to write these two papers with care and proofread them before submission.

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