Travel Insurance in Bangladesh

Travel Insurance in Bangladesh: Emergency Expense Coverage

Most people think travel insurance is just for bureaucratic visa paperwork.


But it’s actually more than that. There are more than 34 countries across the world that have made Travel Insurance Policies mandatory for tourists, including the countries in Schengen areas. So, without travel insurance, you can’t travel to these countries at all.

And we think it’s logical. It helps you with Lost Luggage to Medical Emergencies.

And you don’t know what’s gonna happen abroad.

Having travel insurance means you have coverage for unexpected events that may occur during your travels.

Today we will cover all the tiny tinny details about Travel Insurance in Bangladesh…..

  • Why is it important to have insurance?
  • Choosing the Right insurer
  • How Much Does Bangladesh Travel Insurance Cost?
  • Who is the best company to get travel insurance in Bangladesh?

So, what is travel insurance in Bangladesh exactly? Why do we need travel insurance while going abroad?

In simple words- it’s the insurance that secures the coverage for unexpected events that may occur while traveling.

Get it?

Travel insurance is basically designed to protect travelers from financial losses that may result from a range of unforeseen situations. You can be purchased it for a single trip or for multiple trips over a specified period.

And the best part…..

Travel insurance can be tailored to meet the needs of individual travelers. As we mentioned earlier, in some countries having health insurance is mandatory. By spending a few hundred bucks you will have peace of mind that if anything unexpected happens, you have something on your back.

What does basic travel insurance in Bangladesh cover? And what doesn’t?

Everything you need to have to get home safely. Here are the basics which are covered by the standard travel insurance.

Medical emergencies

If you become sick or injured while traveling, your travel insurance can cover the cost of medical expenses, such as-

  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • And repatriation to the home country

Trip cancellation or interruption

A trip could be interrupted for various reasons such as a natural disaster, illness, or death in the family. Travel insurance can compensate you for the non-refundable expenses for such an incident.

Flight delays or cancellations

If your flight is delayed or canceled, travel insurance can cover the cost of additional expenses, such as hotel accommodation and meals, until you can reach your destination.

Lost or stolen baggage

It’s a pretty common scenario for travelers. If your luggage is lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip, your travel insurance can provide coverage for the cost of replacing your belongings.

What does travel insurance not cover?

Any Activities or incidents That Involve Drinking or Drug Use are not covered by travel insurance.

Listed travel insurance companies for Schengen & other countries

  1. Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Ltd.
  2. Central Insurance Company Ltd.
  3. Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd.
  4. Bangladesh National Insurance Co. Ltd.
  5. Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  6. Eastern Insurance Company Ltd.
  7. Dhaka Insurance Limited
  8. Jiban Bima Corporation
  9. Eastland Insurance Company Ltd.
  10. Green Delta Insurance
  11. Paramount Insurance Company Limited
  12. Mercantile Islami Insurance PLC
  13. Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.
  14. Sikder Insurance Company Limited
  15. Sena Kalyan Insurance Company Ltd.

Our favorite Top 3 travel insurance companies in Bangladesh

We as a visa processing agency have worked with a lot of travel insurance companies, and the below 2 is our favorite.

#1 Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd.

In the insurance industry for 3 decades, BGIC made a name as a reliable risk management company in Bangladesh. Apart from their wide range of insurance packages, they provide health insurance named “Overseas Mediclaim Policy”. Here are what they cover……

  • Business and Official purposes
  • Holiday purpose
  • Employment & study purpose

#2 Bangladesh National Insurance Co. Ltd.

Gulshan- based insurance company BNIC go public in 1996 and is already established throughout the country with 28 branches. BNIC is on the BLS Spain embassy-approved insurance company list for Schengen visas.

#3 Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd.

The “Short Term Health Insurance Policy” of Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. Is another trustworthy name for overseas insurance for both Bangladeshi Nationals & Resident foreigners. They provide Premium Rate Chart for Schengen & Non Schengen.

Maximum limit of Delta life health insurance coverage:

  • Euro 30,000 for a visit to Schengen Countries (without any deductible).
  • US$ 50,000 for visit to Non-Schengen Countries (with a deductible of US $100)

Buy travel insurance in Bangladesh from Visa Processing Center

Too many options that you get overwhelmed?

Let Visa Processing Center help you with this. We’re affiliated with most of the top-rated insurance companies in Bangladesh.

Why will we choose us?

We have deep knowledge about their packages and the requirement of the embassy. So, we can choose the right insurance for you. Plus, in some cases (Schengen visa) you need to customize the coverage. Our team can help you to go through this.

Feel free to knock us about any insurance queries.

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