Indonesia Visa from Bangladesh: Apply Online Now

Indonesia: A magical blend of nature, culture, and Halal culinary delights!

There are very few places that can nourish your body, mind and soul.

Indonesia is one of them!

With 18,330 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited- Looks like God had just poured all the beauty on this Island. No wonder Indonesia attracts millions of leisure seekers’ dreams each year.

Thanks to the end of COVID-19 restrictions! 

Foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia jumped 364.31 percent year-on-year to 678.5 thousand in October 2022. 

Dreaming to get tanned on the beautiful beaches of Bali already?

You choose the best time, dude! Getting an Indonesia visa from Bangladesh is now easier than ever!!!

P.s: DO you know Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world?

A to Z Process of Indonesia Visa from Bangladesh

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, the republic of Indonesian government suspended its Visa-Free Facilities for all nationals. However, Bangladeshi citizens can enter the country by obtaining an e-Visa as well as can get the sticker Visa from Indonesian Embassy in Dhaka.

How to apply for an Indonesian visa from Bangladesh? Well, You can either apply for-

  • For a Single-entry Tourist Visa: 30 days
  • For a Multiple-entry Tourist/Visit/Business: 60 days

With a tourist visa, you can stay for a maximum of 30-60 days. The visa holder can extend both the Tourist Visa and On Arrival visa beyond their initial 30 days by applying for a visa extension at the Immigration Office in Indonesia. And The extension fee is the same as the initial visa fee you paid.

But keep in mind that to the extent of the visa, you need to apply to the immigration office within 7 days before the visa expires.

This visa is applied to those who will visit Indonesia for the purpose of-

  • Tourism 
  • Official government activities
  • Humanitarian reason, 
  • Business and commercial activities, 
  • Journalistic activities, 
  • International conference/meeting, 
  • Or transit. 

Good to know: With this visa, you are not allowed to stay for any paid working purpose. Another important thing is if you are involved in any journalistic and film/video-making activities, you need to take a special permit from the Information and Social Culture Section of the Embassy.

Applying E-visa with the help of Visa Processing Center

The electronic visa makes everything way easier. And the best thing is you can apply for both business and tourist visas. The required documents are also quite basic:

  • Your Valid Passport
  • Recent passport-size photo
  • Vaccination certificate

That’s it! If you are not familiar with the online stuff, the Visa Processing center can do that procedure for you. though we handle all the process without hassle, here is a sneak peek how do we deal with this Indonesia tourist visa-

  1. Go to the official website(
  2. Register with your basic data and get the username and password
  3. Select the type of visa you want and apply for it
  4. Pay the fee virtually

We are done! You will get the Indonesia visa from Bangladesh, automatically in your email. You can expect to get the visa in 3-5 working days.

Applying for a Tourist Visa at the Embassy

You can apply to the embassy on your own or the Visa Processing center can do the whole process for you. Now let’s see what documents we need to apply on behalf of you.


  1. Visa application form( need to download from the official websites)
  2. Valid Original passport 
  3. One colored passport size photograph(with white background taken within last 6 months, size 100-200kb, JPEG)
  4. Copy of return flight itinerary
  5. Receipt of payment (please click here for information on visa fee)
  6. Invitation letter (if applicable):
  • For business, conference, or meeting purposes: an attestation or reference letter from the Bangladesh-based company and an invitation letter from the Indonesia-based partner company or institution
  • For humanitarian reasons: Attach a doctor’s affidavit on sickness or death
  1. The Proof of sufficient funds of at least US$2000 within the last 3 months
  2. Travel Insurance 
  3. Statement Letter to comply with the Covid-19 protocol (download the letter format here​).
  4. Covid-19 vaccination​ certificate

Don’t worry, we will fill out the form and submit the papers on your behalf of you if you can’t make time to submit them.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dhaka

Rd NO-53, Plot NO-14, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh. Phone: +880258812260, +88029881640-1, +8801766611869. Fax:+88028825391, +88028810993 Email:,


Office Hours: Sunday to Thursday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM). Documents Submission: (10:00 AM to 11:00 AM). Documents Collection: (2:00 PM to 3:00 PM).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You must have a million questions when opting for a service like this. Let us answer the popular ones for you!

Is Bali open for tourists now for Bangladeshi?

Yes, after easing the Covid-19 restrictions, Indonesia opens its door to all tourists including Bangladesh.

Can I apply for an Indonesian visa online by myself?

Definitely, you can. But it is recommended to apply with the assistance of someone expert in it like Visa Processing Center.

How much is the visa fee for Indonesia a Bangladeshi Citizen?

For a Single-entry Visa: USD 50.(Tourist Purpose only)

For a Multiple-entry Tourist/Visit/Business Visa: USD 100.